Covid-19 Update

Like so many schools around the world, we have been affected by the spread of Covid-19. The government in Zimbabwe shut schools down back in late March, and we are still awaiting direction about when we will be able to resume in-person classes. Starting in May, we completed a full Term 2 online, and are prepared to do the same through the rest of 2020 if necessary, though we would welcome the chance to resume in-person instruction.

Though our mode of learning has changed, progress continues. Our A Level classes are on schedule with their syllabus, and we feel confident that our students are on track to write exams and apply to university next year. This is thanks to our teachers and students, who made the transition to online teaching quickly, moving ahead despite limited resources and unreliable internet connections. Teachers have been producing instructional videos and sending them to students using WhatsApp, who download and watch them during scheduled class time each day. Faculty are also available online to answer questions about the content and help students with their work. Students, meanwhile, have leaned into the independent learning that is necessary to succeed in this format. Despite busy home lives, they schedule their days around classes, troubleshoot network and technology issues, stay up late to complete assignments, and time themselves on assessments under the guidance of our Honor Code.

We have also managed to maintain the strong community that we built during our first term in session. Whether it is continuing with our school roll call tradition, sending around chains of happy birthday texts on WhatsApp, or serializing an audio book to be read to the whole school, we have found ways to interact even while we aren’t together. And as you will see in the next section, the students have taken advantage of this time at home to complete service projects in their communities, many of which are ongoing and have had significant impact. Though we hope to resume again in person soon, we are proud of how our community has responded during this challenging time.