Our academics aim to prepare students for admission to, and success in, the world’s top universities. But merely passing students onto the next level is not enough. We want a curriculum that helps students develop habits of rigor, curiosity, and empathy as they grapple with important debates in their communities, country, and the world. To achieve this, we have fused a Cambridge A Level science curriculum with a liberal arts grounding, and offer the following subjects:

  • A Level Biology
  • A Level Chemistry
  • A Level Mathematics
  • A Level Physics
  • Humanities
  • Reasoning
  • Research Methods (first years only)
  • Capstone (second years only)
  • Computers

Each student is required to take three A Level sciences, where they are pushed to fuse theory and practice, exploring challenges with both rigorous detail and thorough conceptual understanding. The core subjects are rounded out by a humanities class that guides students through a series of explorations into themes such as justice, power, race, religion and difference, all while helping them develop and sharpen essential reading, writing and discussion skills. Students also take a research methods class, which fuses their in-class work with service that they do in their home communities during school breaks, and prepares them to write a capstone paper during their final year at the school. And finally, a reasoning class sharpens their logical and analytical thinking skills, and a computer class helps them build computer literacy.