In January 2016, USAP left the Embassy to found a new home at Education Matters, a non-profit college access organization based in Zimbabwe and has also worked with smaller cohorts in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia in addition to continuing to support long-standing USAP Mongolia.  At Education Matters, the USAP model evolved to work more intensively with students through a year-long program of residential “bootcamps” during school holidays and designed to empower and assist them throughout the application and orientation process. The refreshed USAP assists students to apply for funded educational opportunities internationally, not only to schools in United States, and works closely with families on the ground, visiting every student in their home. Education Matters’ first USAP cohort started studies in 2017 with over $5.8 million in scholarships. Thirty nine students from our 2017-18 cohort earned over $7.7 million in scholarships, which translated to $93 in scholarships for every $1 in our administrative budget.